The National Cattleman's Beef Association Sponsorship Details

No company owns Home Ec 101, but on occasion we will accept partnership or sponsorships for a series. In the interest of transparency here are the details of our partnership with

Home Ec 101’s obligation as stated in the correspondence:

We’d like you to select three lean beef recipes from the USB drive, that you would like to prepare for your family and blog about over the course of a week. Please plan for a total of 4 posts:

In three of your posts, please chronicle the recipes you’ve chosen: We encourage you to include pictures of the preparation methods and/or the finished recipes, pictures of your family at the table, etc. Additionally, please feel free to note things like your family’s reactions to the recipes, or any nutritional differences between the recipes and more traditional dishes you may have prepared (i.e. leaner beef, more vegetables, etc). We’d also appreciate if you could include some of the nutrition facts from the recipe as well as a link back to the original recipe on

For the fourth post, we’ll be providing you with a $100 gift card as well as 3 extra copies of The Healthy Beef Cookbook to use as giveaways to your readers, encouraging them to blog about any of the recipes they try on their own sites (if applicable). We’d also love for you to use this post to provide any helpful tips you used during your grocery shopping trip and cooking experiences. received a $200 AMEX giftcard to cover grocery expenses, a USB drive loaded with the Beef It’s What’s for Dinner logo + information, and one copy of The Healthy Beef Cookbook for reference.