The Great Dish Assignment and Do you Know Where People Will Sit?

Heather says:
I hope you had a great weekend. (I did, we took a mini-vacation and I feel rested and truly happy, even after painting the living room yesterday -pictures at the bottom of the post to not annoy people who don’t care.)

The holiday craziness kicks off in two weeks and one day, how is your planning coming along?

So far in our Countdown to Turkey Day we have:

  • Decided when and where
  • Cleared the dining room table. Is it still clear? Do you have extensions you’ll need? If not clear and search
  • Invited our guests -begin confirming and getting a head count
  • Created our Soft Thanksgiving Menu Plan
  • Begun working on getting the house company ready by paying attention to daily / weekly chores

thanksgiving dish assignment

With your expected headcount in mind, take a look around and decide if you’re going to need more chairs and / or place settings. If you plan on renting these items, start calling today. If you’re borrowing from friends or family now would be a good time to confirm your plan.

Today, depending on how your house and kitchen are organized may be simple or quite the dive into storage.

Grab your Thanksgiving menu plan and at the very least your mental inventory of serving-ware. If you have moved, held a yard sale, or gone on a donating / purging binge, I do recommend that you lay eyes on each piece you plan to use.

Next to each menu item assign a serving dish AND the appropriate serving utensil.

Do not forget your cranberry sauce, gravy, butter, and if you put out crudites or antipasti before the meal, don’t forget those items need a dish, too.

If you find yourself short on serving-ware – begin looking.

prepare for thanksgiving

Click this picture for more information!

If you have lots of storage in your home, check out your local thrift stores for cookware; you still have a little bit of time to find a bargain. If storage is at a premium, go ahead and use disposable/ recyclable roasting pans. Just be careful with this option if you are sitting at a table and passing dishes rather than serving from a buffet. You really don’t want Grandma to end up with a lap full of cornbread dressing.

Got it? One dish for each item + one serving utensil. Never assume you have these items.

While you’re thinking about it, do you have enough storage containers for the leftovers?

See, we’re getting there with this year’s Thanksgiving preparation. You’ve got this.

How are your plans coming along?

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  1. Patty on November 11, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Where are the living room pics? 🙂 Thanks for all the Thanksgiving prep tips, it’s helping me keep my head above water in the planning!

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