Thanksgiving, Let’s Get Ready

Heather says:

Today starts Countdown to Turkey Day 2014.


Today’s job? Decide where and when Thanksgiving Dinner will happen. (If you’re hosting it at someone else’s place you may want to should check with them first.)

Who do you want to invite?

Who do you have to invite?

Who is in your circle of acquaintances that may not have close friends or family in the area? Please consider welcoming them into your home. You have plenty of time to plan and together we’ll make sure there’s enough for everyone.

While you’re thinking about who may be coming, take try to remember if there are any dietary restrictions you’ll need to accommodate.

I can’t believe we’re counting down to our 8th Turkey Day together. A lot of things have changed. There are different faces around the table, some are new and some are no longer with us. Last year I had no idea how tentatively I was holding everything together and how many things were falling apart.

Things are ever so much better. There are still bad days and weeks where the kids get sick or I’m just tired and all I can really do is work and play chauffeur. (I have gone ahead and written up the posts in this series, so I won’t drop that ball again)

The fixer-upper is still more fixer than upper, so I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving in my home, but I’ll still be the cook. (This means extra planning, since I won’t be in my kitchen where I always have a mental inventory). I’ll have to be more thorough when creating my Thanksgiving Day Shopping List / Spreadsheet. I really don’t like encouraging stores to be open on Thanksgiving, the employees should be able to be home with their friends and families, too. This means making sure I’m not running out or relying on someone else to run out to the store for “just that one thing.”

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Is it your first?

What are you excited to try, what makes you nervous?

Let’s do this.



  1. Judith on November 1, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Heather … here come the holidays, rolling over us! God bless you this year as you heal and move forward from all that has gone on …… please give my LOVE to Ivy as you are in touch. Happy swiftly moving holidays! LOL

    • Heather Solos on November 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

      I absolutely will. The holidays last year were rough, but manageable. Ivy is doing well and I will absolutely pass on your love. It’s funny how different our lives turned out from when we first launched this site.

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