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Heather says: Here on Home-Ec 101 I don't often talk about parenting, even though we have four kids in our family -my stepdaughter + our three. I feel that parenting is an intensely personal experience, and I tend to shy away from offering advice. It's so nuanced that what works for me and my children may be completely useless in your … [Read more...]

The D Word

Heather says: January 1st is an excellent time to take stock of what needs to change for positive growth. Life's rough enough without creating additional problems. Just opening my calendar app makes my stomach clench and causes  my eye to start twitching -truly an attractive quirk. Is my calendar that jam packed? Well, no it's just significantly … [Read more...]

Grabbing Your Moment Of Zen Where You Can

Ivy says: In case you haven't noticed, life is stressful. Sometimes you have to grab your moments of zen any way you can get them. I try to catch little moments of zen, like the peace of a quiet bathroom with nobody else in it, or driving down the road and catching my favorite song, or perhaps just enjoying the scenery. A cold Dr. Pepper on a … [Read more...]

Saturday Sobfest: Curing The Hangover

Ivy says: Facebook and Twitter tells me that some of my pals who went to BlogHer are now suffering from hangovers. I've not been to BlogHer, but I've sure been the recipient of more than a few hangovers. Angelic Ivy says "Everything in moderation, kids. Don't drink until you're drunk." But we all know I'm not called BadBadIvy for nothing. For … [Read more...]

Mom’s Rules And How I Broke Them (And Why She Was Right!)

Ivy says: I'm sure it doesn't surprise anyone to learn that when I was a kid, I'd break the rules as much as possible. Finally, to keep peace in the house, I stopped breaking so many rules, but I vowed that when I had my own house, I'd not have any of those same rules. Now that I'm an adult, I've spent some time breaking those rules and I've … [Read more...]