Ideas for Renewing a Stained T-Shirt

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Dear Home-Ec 101,

I have a grey t-shirt that has significant memories and it has a grease blotch or something in it. Not sure, honestly. I’ve tried.everything to remove it and give up. The stain is above the belly button location. So an odd place. However, I wondered how I might make a bleach design that would cover the lower half of the shirt.
Any ideas?

Crafty in Cranston

Heather says:

Thank you for understanding that sometimes stains are permanent. As frustrating as that can be, sometimes there is no way to remove it.

I’m not exactly the crafty type, but I think you can do something called a mask and spray the shirt with a 50 / 50 bleach mixture to make some pretty cool upcycled shirts.

A quick search on Google gave me this easy project that just requires freezer paper, an iron, bleach, water, and a spray bottle. (And an artistic hand, you won’t find that here, hopefully you can print out a template or something to trace, this girl can barely draw a stick figure.)

I looked it up on Pinterest, because seriously, where else do you go for crafty and DIY ideas?

My advice would be to make sure the stain lies in an area where the color is transitioning so it’s less obvious, like in the example below. The mottling would do more to hide a stain than if you removed all the color and the stain remained.

We all know that ombre is in.

A slightly more in-depth can be found on Saved By Love Creations -again via a Pinterest search. (I did not take this photo, it belongs  to Johnnie, go check out her site)


Bleached Tee by Johnnie

Do not Pin this photo, please. Click the image and go to the craft tutorial itself, so they get the credit.


And of course, you know I was attracted to this one.

Who wouldn’t want a bleached t-shirt with a Tardis? I mean, really, who?

Photo Credit Emily from

Tardis Bleach Design

Do not pin this image. Click the image and go to the craft itself so they get credit :)

I’m pretty sure I can hear Jenn Fowler and Melanie Nelson *squeeing* from here and neither of them are the type to squee.

Good luck with your stained shirt. I hope this idea works out. If not, you could always save it and other t-shirts with memories to turn into a quilt or wall-hanging.

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