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Q-Tips for Touch Up Painting

Heather says: As many of you know I’ve been working with Q-Tips for the past few months to remind readers that Q-Tips are good for ever so much more than just your health and beauty needs. (For what it’s worth, I’ve found they are great for when my daughter destroys the tube of topcoat to the…

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Method Clean Happy

Heather says: Earlier this morning I mentioned that I had a chance to visit San Francisco and the Method brand’s headquarters. I mentioned that I had never fallen in love with a company before, but it’s not really the company I fell in love with, it’s really the people who are the company. When you…

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Clean Cabinet Corners with Q-Tips®

Heather says: Some of you are like me and stuck with white cabinetry. From a distance, unless you’ve really let things go, white cabinetry almost always looks pretty clean. However, over time, even the most fastidious housekeepers will notice gunk building up in the corners. Q-Tips Precision Tips®  and isopropyl rubbing alcohol are great for getting…

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