A Look Back at Method Over 2012

Heather says: I want to thank Method for being a sponsor of Home-Ec 101 this year. I'm choosy about who I want to work with here. I care about the influence I may have over some of your consumer choices. After flying out to San Francisco last March and meeting the founders of the company and hearing their story, I felt comfortable with my … [Read more...]

Method Launches Ocean Plastic 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Soap

Ocean Plastic 11.6oz bottle

Heather says: I have a summer rule, as soon as the water is warm enough, I take the minions to the beach at least once a week. Not everyone is lucky enough to live near the ocean, we are privileged to live here, and it would be silly to not take advantage. Often while there, I make the kids pick up whatever trash we find, much to their … [Read more...]

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month #PinkYourSink


"Do not go gentle into that good night," Dylan Thomas It's been a tough year. Home-Ec 101 recently lost a friend to head and neck cancer. My stepbrother began, and as far as we know, is winning his fight with testicular cancer. Every October, it seems, I add another reason, another person, another story, to the list of why we should help raise … [Read more...]

Q-Tips Quick Tip: Detail Your Car

Heather says: Here we go, it's the final installment of Quick Tips from Q-Tips® . You're excited, I can see it in the way your eyes shine. . . And hey, I've come a long way over the past year with talking on camera. Maybe I'll eventually get around to making it a regular thing. Heck, if you want, send me a video question and I'll do my best to … [Read more...]

Detail Your Washing Machine: A Quick Tip from Q-Tips®

Heather says: If you haven't realized by now, I'm human. I neglect some chores and then occasionally get a little OCD when I remedy that situation. This week I'm bringing you another quick tip from Q-Tips® and we're in the laundry room. Yes, you get a sneak peek at my washing machine and the lint it collects! If you're actually excited by that, … [Read more...]