A Look Back at Method Over 2012

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Heather says:

I want to thank Method for being a sponsor of Home-Ec 101 this year. I’m choosy about who I want to work with here. I care about the influence I may have over some of your consumer choices.

Adam Lowry and Eric RyanAfter flying out to San Francisco last March and meeting the founders of the company and hearing their story, I felt comfortable with my choice to work with Method. When I met and spoke to Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, the founders of the company, I felt even better.

I care about what your bring into your homes.

From the beginning I have advocated making healthier, greener choices when it comes to cleaning your home. The most economical of which is vinegar and water, which I still offer up as a useful choice.

However, not everyone wants to smell vinegar. I get that. (Also acidic cleaning solutions are not always the answer)

Method, as a company, makes products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

They only offer anti-bacterial cleaners where it makes sense. No, you do not need Tri-closan in your hand soap.

And pthalates, you remember pthalates, right? Yuck.

Remember their Ocean Plastic campaign from last month?

No, one small company can’t make a huge dent in the obscene amount of plastic in our oceans, but they can certainly be the example. They can set the bar and we can consciously choose to use their products and vote with our dollars. As an average citizen and consumer, all the phone calls in the world won’t make a difference, but consciously and consistently choosing to purchase products that align with our values does.

I’ve said it before when I talk about buying locally:

 I see this as frugality in the broadest sense of the term, it’s making an informed choice to purchase the most beneficial product rather than the one offered at the lowest immediate cost. There can be long-term financial impacts caused by short-term savings. . . 

And really this is part of why I don’t advocate the extreme couponing lifestyle. Please don’t take this as a condemnation, because that’s not where I’m going with this. I am -now- speaking from a place where I can make financial decisions that don’t feel desperate, it would be hypocritical to say NEVER do [X ] because in my life I have probably done [X] at some point and have no room to talk or finger point. If -and that is a big, big if- the budget allows me to make a choice based on my conscience, I will. Sometimes there isn’t a choice and I understand that, too.

December marks the last month of Method’s sponsorship of Home-Ec101 and other fine websites you may know (and love). I was -and am- proud to have been a part of their team during 2012 and am giddy with their news coming in 2013.

All I’m going to say, is you may not have to look as hard to find this little start-up that could. Breaking into the consumer product market is an incredible feat and as a company you deserve this.

Congratulations and thank you for all the soap¹.

¹Award yourself one Internetz if you can understand why that line reminds me of Douglas Adams.

Method Launches Ocean Plastic 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Soap

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Heather says:

I have a summer rule, as soon as the water is warm enough, I take the minions to the beach at least once a week.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live near the ocean, we are privileged to live here, and it would be silly to not take advantage. Often while there, I make the kids pick up whatever trash we find, much to their annoyance.

But mom, they say.

There’ll just be more, they say.

Why bother when there will just be more trash and it’s only is a small gesture toward a very large problem.

For me it comes down to this:

At least it’s doing something.

We can complain, we can sign petitions, or maybe, whenever we have the chance, we can make the small gestures that set a good example.

Why are you talking about the beach in November, Heather?

What does this have to do with Method, dish soap, and people against dirty?

A lot.

This month Method is launching, in cooperation with Whole Foods Market, the new Ocean Plastic 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Soap.


Ocean Plastic 11.6oz bottle

The bottles are made from recycled ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic or PCR for short.

Over the past year and a half, Method employees and volunteer groups have been collecting plastic from the beaches of Hawi’i, this plastic has been used to make the ocean plastic bottles which are only available at Whole Foods Market and methodhome.com.

How cool is that?

I’ve mentioned before how much thought Method puts into design. Look closely, do the bumps on the bottle remind you of anything?  The ocean plastic bottles are designed to look like sea urchins and they remind me of the shells I used to buy each year in Myrtle Beach at the souvenir shops on the strip. The dark grey color occurs naturally as a result of the production process. I like the interesting blend of industrial and organic that results from the design.

Why is Method bothering with using ocean plastic?

Much like the effort I put into making my kids pick up trash on the beach, the effort isn’t about the initial result. The effort to use plastics from an alternative source is undergone because it’s the principle. It calls attention to something that needs to be changed and it demonstrates responsibility, as people and as companies.

These Ocean Plastic bottles are about proving a point. Companies, even small ones like Method, can choose to responsibly source their materials and they can call attention to environmental concerns.

No, Method isn’t going to be able to clean up the estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic in each square mile of ocean. They can however remind people to recycle responsibly. This month they are asking Fans of Method to take the Clean Oceans Pledge. (By taking the pledge you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card each Friday during the month of November -be sure to read the official rules available on that Facebook page.) Pretty cool, huh?

Oh and for reading this far, you get to learn about the 15% off on Smarty Dish Plus Products available through methodhome.com (for US residents) and well.ca (for our Canadian friends). Just use the coupon code: SMARTDISH -and just as a quick FYI that code won’t be valid until the 15th and will only last until the 30th of November.

This post has been sponsored by Method. The opinions contained therein and reference to the use of child labor -picking up trash on the beach-, however, are my own.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month #PinkYourSink

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“Do not go gentle into that good night,”
Dylan Thomas

It’s been a tough year. Home-Ec 101 recently lost a friend to head and neck cancer. My stepbrother began, and as far as we know, is winning his fight with testicular cancer.

Every October, it seems, I add another reason, another person, another story, to the list of why we should help raise cancer awareness.

I’m tired of adding to it. I don’t want to add anyone else

We don’t need to lose any more Gene Glaves.

Tonight my son will be playing in his midget football game with pink shoelaces and a pink mouth guard. He doesn’t get why we “think pink” every October. He just doesn’t understand. Frankly, I don’t want him to, at least not yet. All he knows is that it’s okay to wear pink because it’s about making sure someday other people’s moms and dads won’t get sick like his Uncle Nigel.

Sometimes we do little things to fight in little ways against big things.

Awful things.

Things that feel insurmountable and unwinnable.

Randal Munroe has a fantastic illustration of this. Since some of you object to bad language, I am linking rather than embedding the image. I share the sentiment of the illustration, language and all. 

When we are fighting these things, we keep on keeping on. We do the little things. Sometimes things as little as washing our hands.

Today Method soap is launching their Pink Your Sink campaign.

Method is asking its fans on Facebook where it should donate $10,000 in support of breast cancer awareness and research. Fans will have the chance to submit and vote on a breast cancer affiliated non-profit organization in the U.S. and Canada for consideration. At the end of October, four charities will be chosen to receive a $2,500 gift.

I really like this tactic, not only will four charities receive a $2,500 gift, but who knows how many breast cancer affiliate non-profits will be promoted as their supporters spread the word in a ripple effect.

Method believes in “design for good” and is using these limited edition designs to help raise breast cancer awareness. And if you haven’t heard, Method is now available in a lot more places than it was just a few months ago.

Little things add up to big things and until we win. . .

Pink your sink, tie your shoelaces, put in your mouth guard, and

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, the poetry is not.

Q-Tips Quick Tip: Detail Your Car

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Heather says:

Here we go, it’s the final installment of Quick Tips from Q-Tips® . You’re excited, I can see it in the way your eyes shine. . . And hey, I’ve come a long way over the past year with talking on camera. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to making it a regular thing. Heck, if you want, send me a video question and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner, kind of like the end of that cooking show that is always on when I go to the allergist. What’s her name? She’s got dark hair? We can totally pull that off.

Q-Tips Precision Tips are great for detailing all of those tiny crevices in your vehicle. Since I always used to get the Armor All Spray all over the windshield I switched over to the wipes and have never looked back. When the air vents in my car need (okay so I should probably define need as, get really disgusting) I use an Armor-Alled Q-Tip to get those places my grown up fingers can’t fit and the child labor always overlooks (those would be my minions, no one else’s).

To celebrate the final installment of Quick Tips from Q-Tips®  we’re (Q-Tips®  and I) are giving away 3 $50 Amazon gift cards, selected by random drawing.

So cool, right?

How do you get in on the $50 goodness? It’s simple, be 18 or older, live in the US, and leave a comment before Sunday September 23, 2012 at 9pm EDT.  While you’re at it, go ahead and Fan Q-Tips®  on Facebook (this is not a condition of entry nor an additional entry) and find many more great tips for these handy cotton swabs.

This post was sponsored by Q-Tips, all opinions, especially the inappropriate joke about child labor are mine.

Detail Your Washing Machine: A Quick Tip from Q-Tips®

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Heather says:

If you haven’t realized by now, I’m human. I neglect some chores and then occasionally get a little OCD when I remedy that situation. This week I’m bringing you another quick tip from Q-Tips® and we’re in the laundry room. Yes, you get a sneak peek at my washing machine and the lint it collects! If you’re actually excited by that, I may be a little creeped out.

Please note I’m not suggesting that you detail your washer every week or every month. As I note in the video this is a special occasion kind of cleaning, perhaps I haven’t done it often enough (judging by the lint), but don’t think I’m trying to get you to add this chore to your already overwhelming to-do list. Maybe detailing your washer should be done whenever you get around to deep cleaning the laundry room. I try to give mine a once over when I do the kitchen since they are attached.

For more ideas and tips head over to the Q-Tips® Fan Page
You win one Internetz if you know where I bought my shirt. Yes, Googling is cheating.

This is a sponsored post.  Q-tips® product was provided by Unilever, the makers of Q-tips®; my tips and usage suggestions are my own.