Water Storage Solution for Hurricane Preparedness

Aquapod Storage Kit

Heather says: This year, after doing my annual Hurricane Preparedness Reminder, I was contacted by David Dodgen of AquaStorage, creators of the Aquapod Kit. The Aquapod Kit is a  solution to the whole, "But I don't have enough space to store a two week supply of water for my family of six." (Quick math will tell you that's 84 gallons of … [Read more...]

Home-Ec 101 Reader’s 71 Quick Q-tip Tips

Heather says: Last week I posted a quick video suggesting that Q-tips could be used to clean a computer keyboard. I then asked for your Q-tip Tips. I thought it would be fun to share the tips that came from the Home-Ec 101 Audience -(Do you remember when we did this with uses for leftover coffee or used coffee grounds?) Watch the cute video, … [Read more...]

What is Modified Food Starch?

Heather says: Yesterday on Twitter, during the What is Vegetable Extract kerfuffle, my good friend @notoriouslynice asked: @HeatherSolos I'd like to know, too, if you find out. Also, what is modified food starch? First what is starch? Starch is a  white, odorless complex carbohydrates that serves as primary means of energy storage for … [Read more...]

What Causes Black Underarm Stains and How to Prevent Them

Dear Home Ec 101, I have black underarm stains on many of my shirts. That's right - BLACK. It started happening after we moved to the mountains of western NC where we have well water, but it's only my shirts - not my husband's. I've tried changing deoderant (though I suspect they all have the same active ingredients) with no effect. I've tried … [Read more...]

Is Rust on the Microwave Door a Safety Issue?

Microwave Rust

Dear Home-Ec 101, There has always been a bit of rust spots along the bottom of the micro door, but just now I noticed it's suddenly become quite extensive. I wiped it, shut the door & reopened it, and rust dust was spreading around. Barring the question of microwave safety in general, is it still safe to use? I only use it for reheating the … [Read more...]