Fixing Scratches in an Enameled Cast Iron Sink

Dear Home Ec 101,

I have a fairly new (less than 1 year old) cast iron Kohler sink, it is the shiny black one, the manual recommended using the Kohler cast iron sink cleaner and I have used it regularly and I have used a plastic mat on the bottom of the sink, to try to prevent scratches.

Quick tips: shiny sink redux

I got this in the mailbag this morning and wanted to share with you readers:

Dear Ivy,
You know there’s more than one way to shine a sink. :-) I use the FlyLady method, which although time consuming, produces a wonderful shine on my stainless steel sink.

How to Clean Corian

Dear Home-ec 101:

I have Corian counter tops and sink. The sink is stained because my family never cleans it. I try to clean it, but even with a special Corian cleaner or bleach, I cannot get the stains out after several cleanings.

How to have a shiny sink

Dear Home Ec 101,

How in the world do you get your sink to stay so shiny?


Im in ur house, lookin @ ur sink

retrochick.JPGIvy says:

Get out of my house. Seriously, you’re creeping me out.

But while we’re here, I’ll go ahead and share my secrets to a super shiny sink.

How to Clean

Dear Home-Ec 101,

My house is a wreck. I’m scared to open the fridge, I swear something growled at me the last time I grabbed a soda. I think a dust bunny ate the baby.

Help Me!


Don’t Know Where to Start.