Sewing Machine Stitches


Michele says: I had intended for this post to teach you how to actually sew using your sewing machine, but when my fingers hit the keyboard I was struck with a huge realization. In writing these posts about machine sewing, I had glossed over one of the most important features of your machine: the stitches. There are zigzags and dashed lines and, … [Read more...]

Your First Sewing Machine: What’s That Thing Called?

labelled parts of a sewing machine

Michele says: Now that you have your shiny new sewing machine all picked out and ordered, it’s time to learn how to use that crazy looking thing.  Unfortunately, learning is the least fun part of using a sewing machine.  I’ll do my best to make it painless, but we need to take a second before we start stitchin’ to learn what everything is … [Read more...]

Hand Sewing Essentials: What’s That Thing Called?


Michele says: Have you ever tried to Google something, only to quickly realize that you don’t know which words to enter in the search box?  Now, how many of you have taken it a step further and went ahead and searched for, say, “strawberry thing attached to a pincushion”?  No judgment.  I and many others, I’m sure, have been there at one point … [Read more...]

Choosing Your First Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Michele says: Now that our hand sewing skills are more or less on the same page, it’s time for you to make a very important choice.  You can be content with hand sewing and call it a day, or you can take the plunge into the world of sewing machines.  For the many who have hand-me-down or years old sewing machines gathering dust on the shelves … [Read more...]

How to Reattach a Button


Michele says: Now that we’ve completed our first sewing project, it’s almost time to move on to the next big step in sewing: the sewing machine.  Before we do, though, we’re going to get back to the most basic of basics and learn how to reattach a button in under five minutes.  But what do you do if you can’t find the buttons that came in the … [Read more...]