Home Ec 101 Retro Round Up

Heather says:

Wow, this week flew by and I’m going to blame the mid-week holiday. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Fourth and for those of you across the pond and elsewhere, I simply hope you had a pleasant week.

Home Ec Round Up and Retro Saturday All in One

Heather says:

Know what’s riveting? Not hearing about how I spent last night in fever dreams in which I ran from alligators (anyone feel like analyzing that?) and a random little girl stole my favorite dress. No, riveting is checking out this interesting graph that compares the leading causes of death from 1900 vs.

Retro Saturday: April 16, 2011

Heather says:

Before I dive into the archives and unearth the best of  Home-Ec 101, I’d like to say hi to all the people stopping by from SimpleMom.net. Thank you for taking a moment to check out the site. If you look in the upper right corner there are several ways to subscribe: RSS, via email, Twitter updates, and of course by being a Facebook fan.

Retro Saturday March 26, 2011

Heather says:

Each week I dive into the archives to share the best of the Home-Ec 101 past.

In 2007:

How to Prevent Mildew in a Front Loading Washing Machine

2008 brought:

How to Clean Stainless Cookware – What is it about March and people wanting to know how to get rid of polymerized fat?

Retro Saturday 3/19/2011

Heather says:

I hope everyone has had a great week. Personally it’s been a very emotional one with lots of news of the good, the bad (not unexpected, but still not fun), and the stress of the book’s release. Throw in a little visit from out of town relatives -they arrive in a few hours- and you’ve got a recipe for hectic.