Chicken Wings in the Oven

Dear Home Ec 101, I am having a dinner party and I want to have chicken wings as part of the meal. How long should I bake them for to make them taste perfectly tender? Signed, Winging it in Wyndham Heather says: Actually I have a couple of answers for you depending on how you picture your chicken wings. Do you want tender fall off the … [Read more...]

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil a Substitute for Vegetable Oil

Dear Home Ec 101, If a recipe calls for vegetable oil, is extra virgin olive oil a suitable replacement or is there a specific reason for vegetable oil? Signed, Slick in Slatesville Heather says: It depends on the recipe in question. In baking, oils are often specified for their lack of taste, so for baking it depends mostly on the quality … [Read more...]

What Is a Good Alternative for Cheesecloth


Dear Home Ec 101, I need a good alternative for cheese cloth. I've been making a lot of juice lately and I want to strain out the seeds and pulp, but cheese cloth gets expensive quickly. Do you have any suggestions? Signed, Strained in Strasbourg Heather says: Cheese cloth certainly has its uses and it can be washed and re-used, but … [Read more...]

Picnic Perfect: Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Dear Home Ec 101: My neighborhood will soon be throwing their annual blockparty. I don't want anyone to know that I can't cook for beans. Do you have a recipe for me? Please don't tell me just to go to the deli and put it in a new bowl. I want to try, but I'm busy and I need something I can make the night before. Oh, and I'm vegetarian but eggs … [Read more...]

How to remove mildew and musty odor from towels

Dear Home Ec 101: My towels all smell funky. Is it my teenage son? He's usually pretty good about hanging up his towel, but lately they've all developed a stink. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower to be greeted with a musty, mildewed, smelly towel. Help! ~Musty in Muncie Heather says: Mildewed towels will shortly … [Read more...]