Getting Rid of Mildew Odor in Towels

Dear Home Ec 101, I'm not always great about making sure my towels get dried the same day they are washed. This leads to them smelling like mildew. Will the smell go away? Can I do anything to make it go away? Or did I just ruin all my towels? Signed, Mildewed in Minneapolis Heather says: *READER WARNING* I don't think I've stopped … [Read more...]

Drying Sweaters

Dear Home-Ec 101, I love, love, love my sweaters!  I anxiously await the autumn weather so I can wear them again. When I dry them in the dryer (even without heat) they get beat up and often the seam (especially where a turtle-neck is attached) will begin to unravel and fray.  I have attempted hanging the sweaters but the resulting unsightly … [Read more...]

Microwave Rice: Quick Tip

Heather says: Last night all four of my burners were full. There was gumbo and etouffee, collard greens and oil to fry beignets, but I forgot the plain rice. My stepfather commented something along the lines of just microwave it. I must have given him a funny look in between turning beignets. I figured what the heck, it was worth a shot. … [Read more...]

How to Cook a Bolar Roast

Heather says: Just yesterday, I was checking out some of my usual suspects on the blogging circuit when I stumbled upon a post at Musings of a Housewife. Jo-Lynne was lamenting only having bolar roasts left from her bulk beef purchase. I had never heard of a bolar roast so I did some internet sleuthing. Do  you remember when we talked about … [Read more...]

Quick Tips from Everyday Life Episode 3

Peanut Butter Apple Dip

Heather says: Quick Apple Dip 1 TBSP creamy peanut butter 2 TBSP vanilla yogurt Stir and serve with sliced apples. Feel free to jazz it up and sprinkle on all kinds of evil delicious, just don't try to pretend it's healthy. Ideas include: granola, chocolate chips, coconut It doesn't take kids too long to realize they can … [Read more...]