Home Ec 101 Weekly Menu and Shopping List #15

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Heather says:

Welcome to week 15 of the weekly menu plan and shopping list journey. Some of you may notice that there are fewer simple carbohydrates on this menu (two notable exceptions). I will be doing my best over the next few weeks to continue adding more vegetables and legume recipes to the site.

Here is the printable -and easily edited- shopping list for this weekly menu, courtesy of SayMmm.com. We are working to compile all of the Home Ec 101 weekly shopping lists into one convenient location. Please bear with us while we get that worked out.

If you’re already a menu planning pro, I’d love to hear what you are eating this week. Partly because I love to talk about food and partly because it helps boost my own creativity.  Tell me Home Eccers, what’s on your menu?

Home Ec 101 Menu and Shopping List #14

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Heather says:

Spring is here, despite a rather mean prank by Mother Nature on our North Eastern friends, it is time to start revamping the menu and focusing on spring vegetables and fewer starches. Over on the forums I mentioned that I’m fighting off an emotional funk. One of the signals was I have almost completely abandoned my camera, I have no interest in experimenting in the kitchen. You’ll notice the last recipe I added was on March 4, Country Fried Steak. Last week I focused on getting back into a healthy routine (getting enough sleep, was a big part of that) and this week, I’m going to force myself to do the things I really do enjoy, but have avoided.

In the vegetable crisper I have swiss chard and broccoli rabe, two new-to-me vegetables. Whether or not I “feel like it” I’ll be experimenting and hopefully I’ll get back into my routine of at least one recipe per week. I do miss that. My husband and I are both going to be eating lower carb over the next few weeks, so I’m hoping to get more recipes focused on vegetables posted in the near future. Just as a side note, it’s not the Atkins Diet. Diabetes runs in my family and I’m hoping to not carry on that legacy. I’ll still be making the side dishes for the kids, we’ll just generally stick to the main + extra vegetables. (I don’t feel I owe you guys an explanation of our choices, I’m just trying to be “transparent” and explain why the recipes will probably lean in that direction for the foreseeable future). There will be occasional splurges and treats, don’t worry.

The menu below does not reflect those changes.

Tell me, Home Eccers, what are you having this week?

Here is another week’s menu and printable shopping list courtesy of SayMmm.com.

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Home Ec 101 Menu and Grocery List #13

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Heather says:

Here’s another week of menus with recipes and a complete shopping list, courtesy of SayMmm.com.

Click for the printable shopping list.

Do you menu plan? What are you having for dinner this week?

Do you want to get started with menu planning? If so, I’ve written a four part menu planning primer.

Do you need help getting motivated in other areas? Lately I do, too. Head over to the Home Ec 101 Forums and let’s work our way through this.


Home-Ec 101 Weekly Menu and Shopping List Week #11

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Heather says:

We’re still sticking to the winter vegetables, even though Spring weather has arrived locally. I know it’s not fair to brag about sunshine and 80 degree temps while our Northern friends are dealing with snow, rain, and ice.

Here is another menu and shopping list for Home Ec 101 readers. This menu is geared toward produce available in the winter for many parts of North America. I don’t take a rigid approach to local produce like No-Impact Man, but I do try to remain conscious of our choices and try to keep a majority of the purchases in season.

Here is this week’s printable shopping list courtesy of SayMmm.com.

What about you? Do you take a seasonal approach to your menus?

What are you looking forward to cooking this week?

Home Ec 101 Menu Monday with Shopping List #10

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Heather says:

As a service to readers of Home Ec 101, I share a complete weekly menu almost every week. I do this in conjunction with the site SayMmm.com which makes the menu plan and grocery list making chore a snap.  Brian Hutchins, the creator, was inspired with the idea after watching his wife go through the weekly hassle of planning their menu. He said there had to be an easier way and soon found there wasn’t; so he created one. Check it out.

Here’s this week’s menu and easily editable and printable shopping list.

If you don’t have a food processor or blender, just go ahead and substitute regular buttermilk pancakes, I won’t tell a soul. Heck, I might even invite myself over -now there’s a creepy thought for your Monday morning.

Check out lots of other menus over at OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

If you aren’t using the Home Ec 101 weekly menu, feel free to share what you’ll be cooking this week. I really am interested, I’m also an irrepressible grocery cart snoop. It’s kind of what I do. You aren’t surprised are you?