Home Ec 101 Weekly Menu and Shopping List #15

Heather says:

Welcome to week 15 of the weekly menu plan and shopping list journey. Some of you may notice that there are fewer simple carbohydrates on this menu (two notable exceptions). I will be doing my best over the next few weeks to continue adding more vegetables and legume recipes to the site.

Home Ec 101 Menu and Shopping List #14

Heather says:

Spring is here, despite a rather mean prank by Mother Nature on our North Eastern friends, it is time to start revamping the menu and focusing on spring vegetables and fewer starches. Over on the forums I mentioned that I’m fighting off an emotional funk.

Home Ec 101 Menu and Grocery List #13

Heather says:

Here’s another week of menus with recipes and a complete shopping list, courtesy of SayMmm.com.

Click for the printable shopping list.

Do you menu plan?

Home-Ec 101 Weekly Menu and Shopping List Week #11

Heather says:

We’re still sticking to the winter vegetables, even though Spring weather has arrived locally. I know it’s not fair to brag about sunshine and 80 degree temps while our Northern friends are dealing with snow, rain, and ice.

Here is another menu and shopping list for Home Ec 101 readers.

Home Ec 101 Menu Monday with Shopping List #10

Heather says:

As a service to readers of Home Ec 101, I share a complete weekly menu almost every week. I do this in conjunction with the site SayMmm.com which makes the menu plan and grocery list making chore a snap.