Menu Monday: In a “Back-slidden’ Condition”

Heather says: Before reading, I suggest you go ahead and check any judgey-mcjudgerson pants at the door. We all have our fail moments in one area or another. It has been a rough couple of months around here. I've been adjusting to having a part-time job outside of the home, working on my start-up SpinPicks, and trying, trying to keep … [Read more...]

Menu Planning, Revisited

Heather says: I have a confession. I fell off the menu wagon. I can't remember exactly when this cycle started, but I think it was just before we left for our trip to Minnesota. Some of you have noticed that the recipes slowed down, others were happy about that. -I can't please everyone, which drives my approval junkie side crazy.- Our … [Read more...]

Weeknight Turmoil and Dinner

Heather says: Today instead of the usual Menu Monday, I wanted to start a discussion with advice for those who feel there isn't enough time on a weeknight to cook a meal.  I don't live in a 9 - 5 world,  sometimes I know I lose sight of what that is like1 -and sometimes I really, really wish I lived in that world. Grass is greener syndrome, I … [Read more...]

Menu Monday 6/14/10

Heather says: It's a little early in the year for triple digits, but here we are. I -and our electric bill- hope it's an aberration and that we'll drop ten degrees for at least a few more weeks. This week it's early morning play, long naps, and late evenings. It's not so bad once the sun drops behind the trees, until then it's time to lay low. … [Read more...]

Menu Monday 6/7/2010

Heather says: We're starting to swim in produce, in a good way. I love this time of year when friends become overwhelmed with their gardens. I'm more than happy to *ahem* assist. Feel free to share what's on your menu this week in the comments or leave a link to your own site. A lot of you have sent emails saying this helps with menu planning … [Read more...]