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Canning Chicken Stock

Dear Home Ec 101, My wife and I made chicken stock and usually put it in plastic bags or plastic freezer storage. However, we canned tomatoes last year and we were wondering if you can do the same thing with stock, put the stock into clean jars and then water bath for 1 1/2 hours?…

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How to Peel Tomatoes – 2 Easy Methods

Bobbie says: Whether you’re doing a canning marathon or just making dinner, knowing how to peel a tomato will eventually come in handy. I’m going to show you two ways to peel tomatoes. One method is for when you just need one or two without a lot of hassle, and the other is great if…

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Home Preservation and Pressure Canning

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Dear Home-Ec 101: I’m taking your advice about building an emergency food supply seriously. I’d like to do some of it by canning and preserving foods from my own garden. Besides pickles, jams and jellies, (which are yummy, but don’t exactly fill a belly) what kinds of foods should I be growing so that I…

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Peach Syrup

Heather says: It’s peach season in the south. We learned, the hard way, that peaches that feel ripe when picked may be too ripe as soon as they are brought home. So, instead of my normal process of picking one day and processing the next, we had a marathon kitchen adventure last Saturday. I was…

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