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Don’t Be a Wuss

I tell you, there’s just way too much to learn about food. ~Anonymous Home Ec 101 Reader Heather says: As humans we are constantly learning. Well, most of us, right? Learning to cook isn’t like a college course, well except for culinary school and then it is exactly that, but for our intents and purposes…

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Keeping it Real

Heather says: So last night as I was scrubbing the bathroom for the house sitter -who has sworn to not publicly embarrass me with any hidden messes she uncovers. I glanced up and realized that the fan has been missed in the great bathroom cleansing ritual, probably since we bought the house. So today I am…

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Quick Tips from Real Life Experience: Laundry Style

Heather says: I have a few tips for you and feel free to guess which ones I learned today and which I had done ahead of time. Keep your appliance manual and warranty information taped to the back of large appliances. Know which local appliance repair companies are certified and reputable before there is a problem.…

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