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How to Reduce Lint

Dear Home Ec 101, My husband just started a new job that has him wearing dress slacks -like Dockers- and dress shirts instead of the jeans and t-shirts he’s always worn.  Even though I wash and dry them separetely (to avoid any ironing!) they still come out with quite a bit of lint on them. I…

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What Does Thread Count Mean?

Dear Home Ec 101, What exactly does thread count mean? If I’m buying sheets is it true that I should buy the highest thread count I can? Signed, Threadhead Heather says: This is the non-technical explanation. I could start throwing around words like warp and weft, but there’s no need just to get the general…

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Vinegar as a Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Dear Home Ec 101, Can white vinegar be used as a natural dishwasher rinse aid?  It seems that I remember reading that somewhere. White vinegar seems as though it would be more environmentally friendly and less expensive than the commercial dishwasher rinse aid products. Is there any harm in using white vinegar as a rinse…

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