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How to Clean Up After a Toilet Overflows

Dear Home Ec 101, So, twice this has happened lately thanks to little girls who don’t always flush when they’re supposed to. I have all the towels to mop up the water and um mess, from the toilet overflow itself. Then I have to wash the towels, floor, and toilet. And then I feel the need…

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Vacuums / Vacuuming: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

Vacuums are good for many things – carpet, hard floors, cars, refrigerator coils, vents, and more! You’ll want to have a good vacuum that doesn’t cost all of your savings, but still does what you want it to do. It is one of those areas where the saying “You get what you pay for” definitely…

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Taking Care Of Your Floors: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

The floor of a home is the canvas that family life gets lived on. Sometimes it is a fresh clean canvas and other times it is full of stains and spots. It often gets overlooked, but keeping it in good shape does improve the room. Here are some articles about taking care of flooring; there are…

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