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Fighting Back Against That Lived-In Look

how to fight back against that lived-in look

Hi Home-Ec 101, I admit, I am a terrible housekeeper, but I am trying to improve, and I long for a house I can be proud of. We have lived in our 1957 Cape Cod home for 8 years. It probably came with a certain amount of wear and tear, but our 3 kids, 2…

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Help, My Cleaning Solution Dulled My Hardwood

cleaning solution dulled hardwood floor

Hi, I have hardwood parquet flooring. When we moved into the house the previous owners told us to use Johnson’s One Step No Buff Wax liquid on it. I have used it every few months (especially on the kitchen floor) since 2000. The kitchen floor now looks terrible — darker with grime and dirt kind…

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Taking Care Of Your Floors: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

guide to clean floors

The floor of a home is the canvas that family life gets lived on. Sometimes it is a fresh clean canvas and other times it is full of stains and spots. It often gets overlooked, but keeping it in good shape does improve the room. Here are some articles about taking care of flooring; there are…

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Acrylic Flooring Part Deux, Why Do We Do This Again?

how to clean acrylic floor

Dear Home Ec 101, I like your suggestion of using an acrylic polish, but the PLEDGE web site I saw said: “Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Finish should be removed from your floor every 6 to 8 applications, or annually, with a solution of 1 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner…

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How Do I Keep Long Hair from Clogging the Vacuum?

keep long hair from clogging the vacuum

Dear Home-Ec 101, Okay so the long hair isn’t exactly clogging the vacuum, it’s all over the brush thingy and doesn’t work as well. What can I do to stop this from happening, it’s a pain in the butt. Signed, Lovin’ my Locks Heather says I feel your long-haired pain. It’s obnoxious and if you…

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How Often Do I Have to Vacuum Anyway?

how often to vacuum

Dear Home Ec 101, How often should you vacuum? I want to know to settle a debate and I’m going to have to vacuum my friend’s place if I’m wrong. And can you tell us WHY I’m right? Sincerely, I May Be OCD but at Least my Carpet Tracks are Straight Heather says: Friendly wagers on…

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How to Care for Acrylic Flooring

how to care for acrylic flooring

Heather says: Not too long ago on Facebook, I got a question about acrylic flooring that had become cloudy. First I want to note that acrylic is a broad chemical term that simply means made of polymers or resins. So acrylic flooring can come in many forms, but in general people either mean linoleum,  laminate,…

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Getting Rid of Pet Urine Odor in Carpet

Dear Home-Ec 101, I recently officially moved out of my parents house. I was living in a condo while at school, but  got a house with my fiance, and have been moving a lot of my old stuff from their house into our new home. While I was away at college though, my sister’s cats…

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How to Clean Your Carpet: Carpet Care 101

how to care for your carpet

Dear Home-Ec 101, What is your recommendation for having carpet professionally steam cleaned (whether to do so, and, if so, how frequently)? In other words, can you tell me how to clean my carpet? Signed, Dingy in Dillon Heather says: The basics of carpet cleaning are pretty standard. However, it is important to adhere to your…

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Cleaning Up After Replacing the Toilet’s Wax Ring

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have an odd problem, but you seem to be pretty good at those. I recently had my bathroom flooring replaced (it’s vinyl)and in the process, the toilet’s wax ring was also replaced. There is waxy residue where the ring squished out the sides.. I’ve cleaned up the bulk of the wax,…

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How to Scrub a Tile Floor

scrub a tile floor

Dear Home-Ec 101, I was looking on your site for information on the best (and hopefully most efficient) way to scrub floors.  I found posts on your site about linoleum and mopping, but the only thing I found on scrubbing was a sentence saying that scrubbing floors required significantly more water.  I have tile floors…

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Are My Hardwood Floors Sealed?

Dear Home Ec 101, I just read your post about cleaning hardwood floors, and using either very diluted Murphy’s Oil or Vinegar (and how you alternate between the two). My question is this: we are renters who have lived here for 4 years. Our hardwood is extremely old (from the 1950’s), and the entire time…

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How to Remove Rust from Carpet

how to remove rust from carpet

Dear Home Ec 101, I recently moved some furniture only to discover rust rings on my carpet. Can you help me figure out how to safely remove the rust stains from my carpeting? Thanks! Rusty in Rucksburg Heather says: Whatever you do, do not get chlorine bleach anywhere near the rust stains. Bleach sets rust…

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Linoleum Lament

how to clean linoleum

Dear Home Ec 101, I was hoping you could help me with a cleaning problem I have been having lately.  I can’t get my floors clean!  No matter if I wash the floor on my hands and knees or if I use a mop, there’s still a dirt residue that will not go away.  I…

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