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How To Sharpen A Kitchen Knife

Heather says: Without any more procrastination or delay here is the Knife Sharpening Tutorial. I talk about knife skills and the importance and safety of having sharp knives, but how do you get and keep your knives sharp? First, let’s start off with a little anatomy of a knife. This is my favorite knife,…

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Dry Wall Dust and Other Fun Construction Clean Up

This reader question came in via email titled: A kitchen cave-in. Dear Home-Ec 101 Yep. That’s right. Lost the ceiling in my kitchen – drop ceiling, light fixture, older (plaster?) ceiling above it, and about 18 inches of blown insulation. I am in the process of getting it fixed. I have shoveled and scooped more…

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How to Fix a Constantly Running Toilet

Dear Home-Ec 101, The toilet, in my bathroom is constantly making noise. It sounds like water is always running. Is there any way to turn that off? Signed, For the Love of Pete, Someone Jiggle the Handle Already! Heather says: There are a few things that can go wrong inside the tank of a toilet…

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