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Turkey Leftovers? We Can Help.

Heather says: I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here are some guidelines for safely using your turkey leftovers.  Don’t forget that the bones from the turkey make an excellent base for soup. If you use the chicken bog recipe, it takes a slight tweak, either use the bones in place of the whole chicken…

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The Soft Menu Plan – 2015

Heather says Today is pretty simple, it’s a pen and paper exercise. We’re going to create the soft menu plan for our Thanksgiving dinner. Why do I suggest this method instead of getting everything set in stone right away? This allows time to go over the menu a couple of times and really think about…

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Countdown to Turkey Day 2015

Heather says Here we are, our 9th Thanksgiving together at Home-Ec 101. Just like we’ve done in years past, I have the Countdown to Turkey Day ready to help you host your Thanksgiving Dinner with confidence. Stick with us and you won’t be the one frantically googling how to thaw a turkey on the morning…

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