Countdown to Turkey Day 2013: Have You Ever Cooked a Turkey?

Heather says:

Have you ever cooked a turkey? No? Well hosting your first ever Thanksgiving dinner should probably not be your first attempt to cook a turkey. Thanksgiving is a busy enough holiday and even if you’re super organized, there’ll probably be a little self-induced stress, even with a timetable, all of your recipes organized, and knowing your pantry has everything you need.

Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: The Great Thanksgiving Day Post Mortem and Leftover Tips

Heather says:

Well, for better or worse, we made it. I apologize for being scarce the last few days, but I’ve been taking a small sanity break, thankfully I already had most of the turkey day countdown pre-written.

I’ve gotten a little ┬álot of desperately needed sleep.

Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: The Day Before Thanksgiving 2012

Heather says:

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Are you ready?

Have you been playing along with this year’s Countdown to Turkey Day 2012. What did you think? Was it thorough enough? What needs to be improved?

I keep getting requests for a Countdown to Christmas, but I look at all the various Christmas traditions and I am completely.

Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: Two Days to Go!

Heather says:

Tick. Tock. Your time is running out. However, you’ve been following along with this year’s Countdown to Turkey Day and aren’t stressing, right?

Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: The Great Pantry Check and REcheck

Heather says:
Thanksgiving is nearly here, all of the work you’ve done over the past few weeks will help ensure your event runs smoothly. Today it’s time for the Thanksgiving Pantry double check. Did you see that. I said DOUBLE check.