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Countdown to Turkey Day 2016: The Day Before Thanksgiving 2016

Countdown to Turkey Day with Home-Ec 101. Schedules, Recipes and plans for hosting your first or your best Thanksgiving ever.

Heather says: Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Are you ready? The people running Butterball’s Turkey Talkline (1-800-BUTTERBALL) are fantastic; feel free to call them if you have ANY questions on Thanksgiving about your turkey. They are happy to help. Seriously, I’d go as far as chipper. Have you figured out your Turkey Day Timetable? For many families…

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Countdown to Turkey Day 2016: Two Days to Go!

Heather says: Tick. Tock. Your time is running out. However, you’ve been following along with this year’s Countdown to Turkey Day and aren’t stressing, right? Grab your Thanksgiving Shopping List and buy your produce and other perishables. If you went the fresh route, pick up your turkey. Before you head to the grocery store -you…

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Simple Mushroom Risotto

This simple risotto is company dinner winner. Serve with chicken or pork and a side salad.

Heather says: This recipe for mushroom risotto is about as simple as risotto can get. You see, while risotto is rice, it’s a needy rice. It’s rice that needs a little nurturing and love, but then when it’s ready to serve? It brings the awesome. If you really want to make this recipe company worthy…

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Countdown to Turkey Day 2013: Have You Ever Cooked a Turkey?

Heather says: Have you ever cooked a turkey? No? Well hosting your first ever Thanksgiving dinner should probably not be your first attempt to cook a turkey. Thanksgiving is a busy enough holiday and even if you’re super organized, there’ll probably be a little self-induced stress, even with a timetable, all of your recipes organized,…

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Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: One Week Out

Heather says: Today is supposedly -I have my doubts here- National Refrigerator Clean-out Day. That sounds silly, but it makes a little sense. You need room for all the leftovers you’ll have post-Turkey Day. You need room to thaw your turkey, if you’re having frozen. If you have a small fridge and your expecting to have a…

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Countdown to Turkey Day 2012 Plan the Menu

Let’s make sure everyone is on the same page. We’ve found the dining room table, made a guest list (and invited them), we have made a soft menu plan, and if you’ve never even roasted a chicken that’s on the to-do list, right? Also, if you’re anything like me, you may need to put away all the stuff that has already…

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