Why Are There Holes in the Crotch of These Men’s Pants

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Hello, Home Ec 101!

I’m so glad I found you, considering the poor grade I got in school in the class.  I’ve managed along over the years, honing my sewing skills, cleaning skills and, ahem, well the cooking part still would get a well deserved C.

Anyway, I need help or suggestions.  My beloved husband was once a professional cyclist (sprinter).  Needless to say he has huge thighs that used to provide that great bursts of speed around the peloton. Now that he’s older and an IT Guy, he isn’t as fit as he used to be, but his legs didn’t reduce in size.

He wears nice khaki slacks in different weights to work as he never knows if he’ll be working with upper management or in the trenches.  He is wearing little holes that only get larger at the crotch of said pants.

I have taken to ironing on patches in the areas that wear quickest, but it doesn’t really do anything for the outside of the pants.

Are there any suggestions as to how to toughen this area? Are there any tricks or techniques that anyone uses to stay the creation of holes that look good?

Crotchety in Crawford

Heather says:

I’m a 6′ tall woman who has a small frame, finding jeans and not spending a ridiculous amount of money is a big challenge, so I can definitely relate.

Off the rack clothing is designed to fit people within a vary narrow range of body types. The trouble is, some of us don’t have off the rack body types.

You have taken the only approach I would recommend with his current pants and obviously it’s not the quality of the fabric or it would only happen with some but not every pair of pants. For future pants,  have him buy pants that fit his thighs with a little bit of room. Take the pants to a tailor and have them take in the waist and taper the legs, if the fit of the rest of the leg is too loose. PANTS! Could I have possibly used the word pants any more excessively in this paragraph?

Here’s a forum where some cyclists are discussing this exact issue, maybe some of these brands would be worth investigating. After a bit of research though I found this is a pretty common problem for men with your husband’s body type and the consensus is to buy the pants larger and have them tailored, they will last much longer.

I’m sorry there wasn’t a quick, magical solution.

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