I’m Looking for Tex-Mex Side Dish Ideas

Heather says: With things normalizing, I've decided to involve the minions in Home-Ec. The site earns a little through advertising and in order to keep the kids from being resentful of this never ending side project that does take time, I have decided let them in on the business side of things. This is what it costs to run, this is the traffic … [Read more...]

In Which I Ask for Your Help with a Bland Diet

Heather says: Bland diet. Is that not one of the most obnoxious suggestions ever? How about, keep your foodie kid on a bland diet for three weeks (minimum). My poor kid cried on the way home from the pediatric gastroenterologist's as he began thinking about all of the foods he can't have: No red meat, deer, lamb, or pork. No … [Read more...]

Share Your Best Back-to-School Tips / Ideas

Heather says: Here's a little transparency for you. This is the first time my children are going to school and frankly, I think I'm more nervous and excited than they are. I have once mentioned that my oldest child is on the autistic spectrum (Asperger's) and that he needed a couple of extra years at home to mature before he could adapt to a … [Read more...]

Finding Odd Sized Clothing on a Tight Budget: Ask the Audience

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have a problem. I need to clothe myself, and all the clothes I have had since high school and that were bought when I started college are starting to fall to pieces from overuse with dreary regularity. I'm down to one pair of jeans, one pair of yoga pants, and a skirt when it comes to covering my bottom half without holes. … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas: Home-Ec 101 Ask the Audience

Dear Home-Ec 101: I am in need of some breakfast food that can be eaten at my desk at work. I admit it, I’ve been spoiled. For the first 4 years after college I worked for a bookstore in a mall with a multitude of restaurants. The next 8 years I worked in an office building with an on-site cafeteria & coffee shop. My office has just … [Read more...]