Super quickie!

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  1. Heh. Ivy broke

  2. what an adorable idea!! It does annoy me to recycle the containers and throw away the lids. Now I just hope I can collect such pretty colors as the pictures. . .
    If you make a lidman, Ivy, will you please post pictures??

  3. LOL, Margaret, if I made a lidman, I would, but I tossed Grandma’s 50 million peanut butter jar lids, so I’ll have to start saving them from scratch.

  4. heheh…to bad Grandma did not just make one for you, so you would have known:) How cute!

  5. Tina Benitez says:

    In my old church there was a grandma who made these as gifts for the new borns. It was a large church, she did it for a lot of babies! It is actually a fun rattle for babies but more important it made people feel loved.