Smiley needs to buy new towels

Dear Home-EC101 gurus,

Every morning I shave my face to what I degree is an acceptable level of closeness, somewhere between a Geico caveman and a baby’s bottom. Too close leads to pimples and ingrown hairs, while not close enough leads to razor burn for my lady friend. [cue sexy background music]

My problem comes after I’m done. I wipe the excess shaving cream off of my face with our normal white hand towels and then use Neutrogena after shave balm. Everything seems fine until I get to work and look in the mirror while washing my hands after my first post-coffee bathroom visit. By this time, the previously unseen fuzzies from the towel have clumped all over my face making me look like I have been making out with sheep.

These aren’t new towels and have been through the wash numerous times. Any tips for defuzzifying my face?

Farmer Smiley

WinkIvy says:

My first thought was that you need to buy new towels. A nice green towel will give the appearance of making out with aliens, which is all the rage in New Mexico, I hear.

On a more serious note, I talked to Mr. Ivy and his thought was perhaps you need to wash your face instead of toweling off the hand towels. Perhaps some sticky is being left over when you don’t use water to wash off the shaving cream. Before I bought Mr. Ivy an electric razor, he always used a shower mirror and shaved in the shower. Perhaps you could shave in the shower?

Heather mentioned using witch hazel for your post- shaving routine instead of the Neutrogena. It leaves behind a great smell of witches instead of smelling like aftershave. She also said it might help curb the fuzzies. She failed to mention why, but I’m sure she’ll either update the post or leave a comment as to her witch hazel suggestion.

Good luck, and let us know how this works out!


Heather says:

I first scanned this in a state of sleep deprivation and misread Farmer Smiley’s order of operations.  I thought he toweled after the aftershave.  My husband, like Mr. Ivy, is also a shower shaver.  He uses witch hazel which evaporates quickly (no toweling) as an aftershave.


  1. newscoma on August 25, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Home Ec, rather.

  2. newscoma on August 25, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    I CAN HELP WITH THIS QUESTION! First time in history that I can be beneficial with a Home Ed 101 question.
    The issue, according to the bro-in-law is waiting ten minutes and using a cotton cloth much like jersey to dry after washing. Like a cotton T-shirt.

    And Farmer a bit “ROWR” to your for one of your comments.

    Heh. I knew an answer. I’m sort of proud. First time and all.