Home-Ec101.com is a site designed to teach real skills as they apply to real lives. Few people have the resources to keep up with the glossy magazines and the reality of television is, it isn’t. Home-Ec 101 is an attempt to reach average people and teach them the domestic arts that make life a little less expensive, a little easier, and a little more enjoyable.

Life skills are missing from most modern curricula. Students are expected to step out of the classroom, into busy, consumer driven lifestyles. There are no tutorials and there are no do overs. Home Ec 101 was created to fill the gap, the site is a resource for the rising generations who haven’t learned basic life skills from their busy, working parents.

If you have a question there is a chance it may have already been answered. Use the search box in the very top of the site. If you can’t find your answer please submit your questions via email to helpme@home-ec101.com.

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The founder of the site is Heather Solos. She is a Director at FeedBlitz and runs Home-Ec101 in her spare time.

She is the mother of 2 boys, a girl, and a stepdaughter. Heather was a professional chef in her former life, but left the restaurant industry in 2003 during a complicated pregnancy.

Heather Solos began blogging as a means to stay in contact with long distance friends and family. Initially a life blogger she soon found a vibrant community in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

After blogging for the Post and Courier, she co-founded Lowcountry Bloggers, a site dedicated to creating connections within a geographic community of bloggers.  She also keeps a personal blog, Moncks Corner Moments. Even if it looks like she has it together, Heather strives to be honest about the frustrations, headaches, and joy that is found in everyday living. Heather Solos is available to speak and enjoys helping companies transition to digital media. She also encourages women to find a balance between the expectations of modern life and the reality of scrubbing the toilet.

The founder of Home-Ec 101 doesn’t profess to know everything, but the knowledgeable and wonderful Home-Ec 101 community and contributing authors are always happy to chime in and help with their experience.

Home-Ec 101 was originally founded as a partnership between Heather Solos and Ivy Hogan.

Home-Ec101 does not sell links, but will accept cookbooks and products for review, please see the contact page for details. Please note that all the reviews are completely honest and forthright. Home-Ec 101 is not owned by any company- any products recommendations come from personal use and preference. This site does not have the budget or time to perform intensive product testing, but bases conclusions on the use in a single, busy household.

Home Ec 101 is a labor of love— enjoy!