School Daze

Heather says:

It’s back to school time in my neck of the woods.  Try to have the rugrats in bed at a decent hour, lay out clothes (including shoes!) the night before, and check those backpacks.  These simple routines help cut down on the morning scramble.

Over the next few weeks I’ll supply some quick and easy or make-ahead breakfast ideas to simplify mornings without reaching for the sugar-coated-frosted-bombs.

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  1. Jamie on August 19, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    My oldest started kindergarten last week and I do all the “prep work” the night before. It has made the mornings run fairly smoothly. (Dare I even say that on the Internet…I may jinx it!)

    Looking forward to your ideas!

    p.s. welcome back 🙂