Retro Saturday October 30, 2010

Heather says:

I apologize for the dearth of posts this week, but my ability to connect to the Internet has been sporadic at best. I must confess, not having the world in my hands is a strange experience for me. I actually had to *gasp* talk to people. Don’t worry things will return to normal -my normal, naturally- soon.

The blog format makes adding content to a website very easy, just post and voila, there it is. However many of the posts here on Home Ec 101 aren’t time sensitive and good content can easily be lost. I try to counter by digging into the archives each Saturday where I post the best content of the week from years past.


In 2009 I shared a recipe for some unattractive, but full of awesome and win homemade toaster pastries. homemade Poptarts™, if you will. That same week,  a reader made the unfortunate discovery that dry beans can go bad. (Some oils break down over time preventing the beans from ever softening.)

Looking back to 2008 we find that cider isn’t only a great hot drink, it also makes amazing apple cider French toast.

And all the way back in 2007, Ivy had an idea for a way to declutter a closet while getting dressed.

Don’t forget to enter the Bissell Steam and Sweep Giveaway.

As usual -our new usual- this morning I am opening the comments for whatever is on your mind, feel free chat.

This has been my first real trip out of the country and it’s been a great experience. Among a bunch of other lovely people, I have to share that I got to meet Laurie from I’m an Organizing Junkie and she is a fabulous and amazing person. If you aren’t familiar with her site, you need to give it a looksee. (She’s got a book coming out, too! I’m very excited for her.)

I also went to a costume party. Any guesses as to my costume? (If you can’t tell from the pic, I went as Lucille Ball.).

How was your week? What have you been up to?


  1. Keter on October 30, 2010 at 9:58 am

    I guess folks up north have already done this, but here in Texas, it's again time to do the great wardrobe swap. Around here, we have to dress for 100+ in the summer, and 20s and 30s in the winter…and very little in between. So that's two wholly separate wardrobes, including swapping out shoes and sleepwear. I usually set aside an entire day to do the swap, getting out the Space Bags and piling them on one end of the bed, and piling folded clean summer stuff on the other end so that as one bag is emptied, it can be filled with stuff to put away. I also use this time to purge the dressers and closets, so there's a giveaway bag and a trash can hanging around, too. I have a set of big wooden boxes I got at Ikea and put on wheels a few years back to hold off season shoes and linens, and those get swapped and purged, too. Ok, that's my trick for this weekend. I'm thinking about cheesecake for a treat… ;o)

    • HeatherSolos on October 30, 2010 at 5:02 pm

      Thankfully it rarely gets down into the 20s here, mostly we hang in the 40s for the winter and upper 90s -100s during the heat of the summer. I had to pull out a jacket for the first time the other night, but it seems like we've held onto the heat longer this summer. Of course, that may just be the annual forgetfulness we all seem to suffer from. I don't have a big system for the swap, none of us have many clothes, so it's usually just a matter of pulling out a few sweaters from a tote and putting away the shorts. Jeans and tees are year-round, we just just throw on a long sleeve t-shirt underneath during cooler weather. I don't miss bulky clothing.

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