Retro Saturday: August 7, 2010

Heather says:

There is a downfall with the blog format, a lot of good stuff gets buried in the archives. To counter that, I’m bringing back Retro Saturday. Each week, I’ll pull up some of the best articles from years past. Enjoy!

Homemade Ranch SeasoningAugust 7, 2009: I tried using pantry staples to make homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix. A year later, we haven’t gone back to the bottled version.

In August of 2008, readers confessed some of their shortcomings, and we also talked about getting the longest lifespan of your frozen food with a link to a fantastic chart on food storage guidelines.

Reaching way back into August of 2007 we learned How Febreze® Works and Ivy had some fantastic advice for a woman just starting her own cleaning business. (I’m pretty sure she’s still lurking around here, too!)

Have fun today!


  1. Stacy on August 8, 2010 at 1:55 am

    I remember the ranch mix but I got stuck on the saltines. I was wondering if there's anything healthier I could substitute that would still work.

    The August 2007 comments are funny–and all too familiar. The lack of bathing theme was a crackup and I've been guilty of the same thing with my son this summer. Lately he's bathed most days, but we had a few weeks there when he was taking a bath about every 4 days. Yikes. We're normally in a daily routine or at least every other day.

  2. Tink/Wendy on August 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Still lurking, still cleaning. In fact, what started as a part time gig for me has turned into a full time gig for 2 of us.

    BTW, I still have the allergy client and her tub still looks great. I've used quite a few tips I found here for our "green" clients as well.

    If you see Ivy tell her I'm glad she's doing so well.

  3. asyhre on August 7, 2010 at 10:46 am

    We love love love the ranch mix too. I gave my parents some a while back and she told me last week she needed a refill. It last so long, even if you use it weekly. Great stuff!

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