Retro Saturday: April 16, 2011

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Heather says:

Before I dive into the archives and unearth the best of  Home-Ec 101, I’d like to say hi to all the people stopping by from Thank you for taking a moment to check out the site. If you look in the upper right corner there are several ways to subscribe: RSS, via email, Twitter updates, and of course by being a Facebook fan. The email subscription is available in two formats both daily and a weekly digest. The second one isn’t as timely, but if your inbox is anything like mine, it’s a nice option.

If you look in the menu bar ↑ up there, you’ll see a category called “Read It.” That category has its own feed and is for random articles and items I think Home Ec Readers may enjoy. These posts are not shared on the home page or in the main feed, to reduce the amount of visual clutter. Sometimes interesting conversations happen over there, too.

If you have a household question you’d like answered, just send it to

This year Home-Ec 101 is growing and since Home Ec is a topic far bigger than Heather Solos, I’m bringing on authors. Brian, Bran, Bobbie have begun to contribute. Don’t worry, their whole name thing is just an interesting coincidence. Soon Vera will be giving tutorials on crocheting and knitting, since I’m rather hopeless in the whole crafting department. My husband Tim also contributes from time to time, usually talking about electricity.

If you have any other questions, they may be answered on the About page or in the FAQ.

Now on to Retro Saturday.

Retro Saturday is my chance to highlight my favorite posts from this week in previous years.

In 2010:

Seasonal Recipes for April – As an aside, I need to touch base with Cameron and see if we can’t relaunch this project. I enjoyed finding recipes to share and loved the results. Things just got a bit crazy and I dropped the ball.

A year ago I also answered possibly my favorite reader question ever: Dear Home-Ec 101, I’m Overwhelmed.

In 2009:

Have you ever made donuts from biscuit dough? I suppose I could make my own biscuit dough for these donuts, but for something deep fried, I think really improving the health aspect is sort of pointless: How to Make Simple Donuts.

Herb Crusted Steaks with Grilled Tomatoes

Back in 2008:

Readers shared their best cleaning tips.

And all the way back in 2007, when the site was rough, unpolished and brand spanking new:

The Curse of Builders Grade Carpet and Mystery Spots

Potluck Etiquette (Who is responsible for the return of a dish?)



  1. Shari says

    Oooh, knitting! Really?! I've been dying to find out how. I think I'm the last female on earth who cannot knit, scrapbook or sew. So exciting!

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