Retro Saturday 3/19/2011

Heather says:

I hope everyone has had a great week. Personally it’s been a very emotional one with lots of news of the good, the bad (not unexpected, but still not fun), and the stress of the book’s release. Throw in a little visit from out of town relatives -they arrive in a few hours- and you’ve got a recipe for hectic. I know the posting was a little off-kilter last week, I’ll do my best to get everything back on track for the coming week.

For now, let’s dive back into Home  Ec 101 history and see what was covered in years past.

All the way back in 2007 I shared my recipe for Albondigas, a Mexican Meatball Soup and explained How to Fix a Smelly Garbage Disposal.

In 2008 Ivy explained The Catbox Rule and shared Spring Cleaning Tips for Disastrously Messy Homes.

2009 brought 25 Babysteps to Frugality and Tightwad Tips. Do you think maybe the recession was on our minds?

Finally in 2010 we Dished on High Fructose Corn Syrup and then explained How to Clean up After Potty Training Accidents.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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