Peeling tomatoes

Heather says:

Lots of recipes call for peeled tomatoes, but just how does one go about removing the thin skin from these stubborn fruits? There is a simple trick to peeling tomatoes.

Heat a pan of water to a roiling boil. Be sure to leave enough room to add your tomatoes without overflowing. Drop the tomato in for approximately 30 seconds.

Run the tomato under cold water or immerse it in an ice water bath.

The skin will split.

Simply slide the loose skin off.

There you have it, one peeled tomato.



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  3. Tao Jones on June 29, 2007 at 9:56 am

    There’s only one way to eat a tomato, and that’s sliced cold with lots of salt. Anything else is just ungodly.
    ~Tao Jones