November 6, Finalize the Guest List

Heather says:

Remember November 1 when I told you to sit down and write down your tentative guest list? Have you officially invited your guests? Well, it’s time to do so. Emily Post’s guideline of two weeks’ notice is coming up, plan on getting the word out before Thursday.

I want you to remember that the reason for etiquette is to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. (Sometimes this means only lessening the amount of discomfort, some situations are rough!) If there is someone you know that has no clue that you plan on inviting them to your Thanksgiving dinner, don’t invite them in a manner that creates pressure to please you. They may be extremely shy, they may have prior obligations, they may just be in a foul mood. Whatever the reason, don’t add guilt to that mix. Invite via email or a handwritten note, if at all possible. This helps eliminate any pressure to say yes to your face, when they really want to say no for whatever reason. This no-pressure means of inviting your guest will help prevent any uncomfortable situations, not all, unfortunately.

Yes, it’s nice when people step out of their comfort zones and try new things, but as an introvert, sometimes there are days where, even though I know it would be good for me, I just can’t face strangers and have to be “on.”

Whatever your method, make your invitations and keep a list of your confirmations and their allergies, if necessary.

The guest count is only an estimate.

Life happens.

Sometimes it is the flu and sometimes it’s just someone being inconsiderate, but no shows will happen. And sometimes people call at the last minute to see if they can bring their cousin who has two kids and just happens to be in town (even though they knew they were coming three months ago).

Things happen, being ready for them ensures bumps in the road don’t turn into disasters.

We will pick back up with the Countdown to Turkey Day on Monday morning. I’m heading out on a quick little getaway and I’m really excited. The move has been an adventure, but everything is settled. The house I was renting has a new tenant *whew*, the one I’m living in is coming along, and now it’s time for a short break from work and responsibility to recharge. (See, I’m learning to be less of a work-a-holic, but it’s a process.)


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