How to Rid a Pantry of Moths and Weevils

Dear Home Ec 101,

My food pantry is  completely  full of weevils, I tried fog bombs, insecticide, you name it, I took out the flour and pasta packages and put them in the fridge, I also put the rice and beans in air tight containers, but still the little buggers are there.  What else needs to be done?

Thank you,

Weevil Killer

Ivy says:

Meal weevils and pantry moths are the worst. You may have to get rid of any flour and pasta that were open, especially anything that had a tiny hole in it- look very carefully. I’d take literally everything out of my pantry and examine each item, throw away anything that could have been gotten into, and then vacuum the living daylights out of your pantry.

When I was researching for a solution for you, I found this pantry bug trap that might be very helpful to you.  Use the traps until no more adult moths or weevils are caught, this will help prevent reinfestation by any lingering adults.

I highly recommend storing flour, corn meal, pasta, and Cream of Wheat in sealed containers when possible.  When purchasing these items always inspect the packaging carefully, if the product is leaking that means there is a means for entry, as well.

I read that bay leaves repel the weevils as does sulphur, so you might consider putting a pack of matches into your pantry as well. (I know! Weird!)

Hope this helps and you get rid of your weevils soon!

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  1. says

    It’s the first time I have heard of Weevils. I’m really not aware of these little thingies but now I know who’d responsible of making those tiny holes in your pasta packs.

    Thanks for providing us such a valuable info, Ivy. :)

  2. themomhalf says

    Took me forever to find he source of weevils in my pantry — they were coming from the dog biscuits that are stored near by! Got rid of those and got a jar w/lid to store the new batch in.

  3. Niki says

    When we first moved in to our first house we were plagued with those!

    We threw everything out *grain related* and started fresh. Use a strong soapy water mix to clean out all shelves in cabinets, especially in the corners. Tape rows of bay leaves on sides and tops of cabinet enclosures. Place open containers of whole black peppercorns inside as well. Moths and weevils hate the odor of those.

    Place all flours, grain products in sealed bags inside sealed containers (like plastic or glass). Do the same with your cereal cabinet as well.

  4. Geneva Sizemore says

    All of your info. is helpful, but I was told that sulphur rids of them completely. Is there any truths to this?

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