Menu Monday Memorial Day 2015

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It’s Memorial Day once again.

Many of you will be celebrating with picnics and cookouts. If you haven’t figured out what to pack yet, here’s a list of picnic possibilities  and if you’re looking to easily feed a crowd Lowcountry Boil is always a good option. Don’t forget as host / hostess of an event it’s your job to make sure food safety guidelines are observed, as no one wants to spend tonight curled up on their bathroom floor.

I’m currently trying really hard to relax. I’m not good at relaxing, I find it takes a lot of effort and restraint and here I am breaking my promise to not work this weekend. (Home Ec 101 never really feels like work anyhow, so don’t tattle, please.)Steak over grilled vegetables Photo credit: Ray Bergman

Last night’s dinner was a quick, use lots of vegetables because more are coming, dinner. I made Easy Foil Veggies with a splash of balsamic in the packets,  and marinated a chuck steak in balsamic, olive oil, and Chef Prudhomme’s Redfish Magic. I the vegetables got a headstart on the grill. After the steak was flipped, I topped it with blue cheese. Not too bad for a let’s use what we have kind of meal.

While it is a holiday, people around here are still going to expect to be fed throughout the week, so here’s this week’s Menu Monday.

Menu Plan Monday

Saturday / Sunday are to be determined based on produce and protein on sale this week.

What are you making this week? Did you try anything new?

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