Home Ec Round Up and Retro Saturday All in One

Heather says:

Know what’s riveting? Not hearing about how I spent last night in fever dreams in which I ran from alligators (anyone feel like analyzing that?) and a random little girl stole my favorite dress. No, riveting is checking out this interesting graph that compares the leading causes of death from 1900 vs. 2010. Yeah, so I’m a little weird, but if you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you knew that. Look at the graph to see what modern medicine and access to clean water has and has not done for us. Additionally, I also wonder how much of the current causes of death are caused by lifestyle and how many just show up because people lived long enough to succumb to the other causes.

That said, I still invite you to check out my old post on Why I Try to Cook from Scratch.  I openly admit that since I started my second job in March that I haven’t been nearly as on top of things, but as I settle into the routine things are getting more “normal.” Just remember, that’s my “normal” not society’s.

Here’s a round up of things that caught my eye this week that are at least tangentially related to Home-Ec101.com’s topics and a round up of what happened this week in a quick blast from the Home-Ec101 past.

Painted fanSince Saturday is also project day (look at the chore chart) I thought I’d include a couple of  project ideas.

Since it’s only June and breaking 100°F here, I could use fans in every room. There’s just no way the AC is going to keep up. This project looks simple enough to actually do. Thank you Before and After for this simple, yet great idea. How nice will it be to not look at a white and grimy fan? Quite.

Lunch in a Box has advice those of you looking to freeze ground beef in small portions. I look at it, shake my head and say, “Duh, why didn’t I think of that” and yes, this advice is perfect for those of you with only a small freezer.

Crafter Neftolak has a brilliant project for storing small items. You certainly don’t have to get this fancy -you know me, put down the glue gun and back away- unless that’s what floats your boat. I believe the concept would be great for the garage, too -nuts, bolts, washers, etc. I occasionally can, so I’ve always got mason jars around.

Home-Ec 101 has been around for five (gasp!) years. Here’s what we’ve done the last week of June:

2007 – How to Dice a Tomato -Remember you’ll want to have a sharp knife for this tut.

2008- Take a Crockpot on Vacation?

2009- Spring Rolls! Nom! And while I’m looking at this old post, do you think I should bring back Fearless Fridays?

2010- Lowcountry Boil

and finally 2011 – How to Clean Window Sills -they are a frigging pain in the butt and mine are in sore need of revisiting. Bleh.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. MicheleN on July 3, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Please -do- bring back Fearless Fridays!  I’d give up my one official Home Ec 101 Internetz for that. 🙂

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