Home Ec 101 Weekly Menu and Shopping List #9

Heather says:

It is so good to be home. I’m ready to get back into the kitchen and work on getting more recipes added to the Home Ec 101 Recipe Collection. I’m also working on a Home Ec 101 Basic Cooking Glossary. The glossary is nowhere near complete, I add to it each time I find myself using a term or technique that may be unfamiliar to new cooks. March 1 is a big day for Home Ec 101, this site will be entering its fourth year and I have a few things planned.

It looks as though Home Ec 101 the book will begin shipping to stores in mid-March. Are you as excited -terrified- as I am? I’m actually only wondering if you’re excited, don’t tell me if you’re terrified. I’m hoping I’m the only one that’s scared.

Here’s hoping I can get everything ready over the next few weeks.

Enough about me. It’s Monday and that means I share a free menu with a complete printable and editable shopping list, courtesy of SayMmm.  Speaking of menus and organization, don’t forget I’m giving away 4 copies of OrgJunkie’s Clutter Rehab and 2 premium memberships to SayMmm.com.

In general I try to take advantage of seasonal foods, but this week, I cheated a bit and added two salads for some variety. I know for most it’s not in season or local, but who likes a food rut? The menu still takes advantage of: potatoes, leeks, spinach, carrots, and cabbage all of which are winter vegetables, for many parts of the country. I’m sorry New Englanders and Upper Midwesterners, you guys have it rough. Broccoli depending on your area may qualify.

If you don’t use the Home Ec 101 menu, please share what you’re having this week.


  1. julie on February 7, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    tonight I made a spicy turkey stir fry using broccoli slaw (sans the carrots because I'm allergic)—it was delish–definately a keeper recipe…..

    • HeatherSolos on February 8, 2011 at 8:55 am

      That sounds really good. We dig stir fry, once everything is prepped to goes so quickly. I have a big wok, but I take it outside on the propane ring, having a smooth top stove doesn't work well for some things.

  2. Paula @ Home Decor on February 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    You really have a nice menu for the week. I haven't made mine out yet, but going to by the end of the day with a shopping list for tomorrow. I'm going to get what I need at the store for your creamy cole slaw and try it.

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