Fall Cleaning Day 5: Over And Out

Ivy says:

Today was just a day of wrapping up loose ends- putting the curtains back up, finishing up the holiday decorating, finishing up laundry. You know the routine. Another thing I did yesterday and finished up today was sorting and neatening and de-cluttering all my holiday stuff.

My mom has an easy way of “filing” her holiday decorations- she puts like items into plastic storage totes and then labels the boxes with numbers and keeps a master list beside where the totes are stored. As her collection grows and shrinks, she simply changes the master list.

Now, I’m not nearly organized enough to keep a master list of stuff on Excel like she does, so I modified her way a bit. The lovely folks at Dymo sent me their Personal Label Maker LetraTag Plus LT-100H to try out and I knew exactly what my first project would be with it- labeling my holiday totes.


Now, I must admit I’ve never understood the absolute love some people have for labeling. I remember the first time I walked into a kitchen Mr. Ivy was managing. Everything- literally everything- was labeled. In English AND Spanish, no less. Mr. Ivy loves labeling things like kids love cake. Now, I never really understood that. In my own kitchen, I know where the pots and pans go, it all seems obvious to me. Of course, in a busy kitchen with up to 9 people cooking and endless servers and bussers running in and out, it makes sense. Besides, the Health Department requires quite a bit of labeling for obvious reasons. That said, Mr. Ivy had things labeled like “Switch” and “Thermostat.” Like I said, he looooves to label.

So when I got this label maker, I hid it at first to make sure I didn’t wake up with my microwave labeled as “microwave” and my dishwasher labeled as “dishwasher.” Instead, I used it to label the totes containing the holiday stuff. Here’s a few pictures I took of the labeling.

fall house cleaning guide

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A few words about the Personal Label Maker LetraTag Plus LT-100H- I really, really liked this. I can now see why Mr. Ivy loves labeling so much. It’s actually quite fun. With this particular label maker, you can change the size of the words, the font, you can make the letters go vertically or horizontally. There are tons of options. Once I figured out how it all worked, I had a blast playing with it, making little tiny tags that said “Ivy Hogan, Mistress of the Universe.” It came with a ton of different types of labels also- my very favorite was the one you could use to label clothing. My tw0 youngest kids are still at ages where they need their jackets and coats labeled, and I always thought using a sharpie on the tag was kinda shoddy. Now I don’t have to worry about that! Thanks, Dymo!

So, that’s my week of fall cleaning. Do you Home Eccers have any fab weekend plans?

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  1. Mom of three on October 11, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    I have a LetraPlus as well and I love it, but I tend more to Mr. Ivy’s postion on labeling things. I just write on the outside of the totes with Sharpie though. Easier to read from the floor. Orange for fall, Red for Christmas, a small one for other holidays that I decorate for but not as extensively.

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