Don’t Forget Anything on Your Thanksgiving Shopping List

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Here we are, just under two weeks out from Thanksgiving and it’s time to get serious about making sure we’re ready to cook Thanksgiving Dinner.

Today it’s time to make your Thanksgiving Day Dinner shopping list, let’s try really hard this year to not need to grab any last minute items, okay?

Additionally, creating the list now will hopefully give you time to take advantage of some sales and spread the cost over at least two grocery runs.  In many households this makes the expense a little easier to absorb. Unless you’re paid monthly and then well, it won’t help at all, I’m sorry.

thanksgiving shopping list

First grab your Thanksgiving Day Menu and all of the recipes, even if you think you know them by heart.


Next open up a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets.

Once you have your spreadsheet open, list your recipes across the top, one per column. Under each recipe list the ingredients. If a recipe calls for apples, list the number after the ingredient apple x 3 or chicken stock x 2 qt. This won’t take up the whole spread sheet.  This creates mini-shopping lists for each recipe.

Next take a good look at your guest list for a rough headcount and then pull up this post: How to Estimate How Much to Make for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Now, multiply or divide each of your recipe ingredient amounts as needed for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

On the lower half of the spreadsheet start new columns. I like to divide my list up by grocery store departments: butcher, dairy, dry goods, produce, etc. Cut and paste each item into the appropriate column combining when appropriate ie 2 apples for the dressing  + 14 for the pies = 16 apples.

Save and print your grocery list and don’t forget to shop your pantry before heading to the store. (This just means crossing off the items you have on hand). Don’t forget, if you rarely bake to test your baking powder to be sure it is still effective.

prepare for thanksgiving

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Check your spices, too.

Oh and if you have a lot of company coming to stay, don’t forget extra toilet paper. Yes, it’s important, you’ll thank me later.

Remember, it’s still too early to buy your produce, save that for the week of Thanksgiving.

Just for fun, what recipe are you most looking forward to this year?

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  1. Patty on November 13, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    I have to say your tip on making an excel spreadsheet and listing all the ingredients is one of the best tips I have ever received. I keep all the recipes I make for Thanksgiving in it year after year and if something doesn’t work or I don’t like it I delete it and replace with something else. Since the spreadsheet is saved, I don’t have to look up all the ingredients for my standby recipes because they are already there! Thanks for the time saver!

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