Countdown to Turkey Day The Soft Menu Plan

Heather says:

To make creating your Thanksgiving Menu Easier, I have a handy Thanksgiving Menu Printable. This printable has three columns, one for your ideal Thanksgiving menu, a second for your planned guests’ ideal menu -I assume you have some idea of what the people you will be serving expect- and the third column is the great compromise that will be your Thanksgiving holiday menu.

Got it?

Do your holiday meals feel well put together or do they more often seem to resemble a potluck mishmash of flavors?

While you are sitting down to plan your Thanksgiving menu try to keep a specific palette of flavors on your table rather than grabbing any old recipe just because it looks good.

My usual Thanksgiving menu has a Southern / Cajun theme which you can find on this Google Spreadsheet:

The Cajun seasoning of the turkey also appears in the sausage of the cornbread dressing. The sausage is also used to flavor the collard greens. I swapped out the usual pecans for almonds in the apple, sage, cranberry dressing to tie it with both the broccoli salad and the green beans.  Cranberries are in the cranberry sauce -surprise!- the apple, sage, cranberry dressing, and in the broccoli salad.  Now keep in mind that this flow of flavor works best if there is a variety of textures in the menu. Crisp turkey skin contrasts with soft dressing, or crisp tender green beans next to the soft-baked, rich feel of the apples in the other dressing

Here are some of our favorites:

Apple Sage and Cranberry Dressing, the best Thanksgiving Dressing EverSimple sweet cornbread

Think you don't like collard greens, this simple method will have you going for seconds.



Roast Turkey if you brine your bird, skip the initial hot blast or you’ll end up with a very dark turkey. 

Cornbread and Andouille Sausage Dressing

You’ve got your mission, your printable, and now it’s time to go for it. What will you be serving for Thanksgiving 2016?


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