Countdown to Turkey Day, the Final Update for 2011

Heather says:

This one is short and sweet:

It’s time to throw out the leftovers that didn’t make it into the freezer.

On a side note, I bought three fresh turkeys this weekend and am heading back to the store to buy three more, if they are still available. Why? $0.59 a lb should answer that pretty quickly. These fresh turkeys are marked to use or freeze by November 30. Perfect.

Roasting a turkey takes no more effort than roasting a chicken and the leftovers can be frozen for quick meals in the future.

I also still have the oil from the October pre-Turkey Day event and I want to get my money’s worth out of that, so I’ll be frying turkey again in the near future.

Finally, don’t forget the additional benefit of having plenty of homemade turkey stock in my freezer for use in soups.

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  1. jwynia on November 29, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    The deal on post-Thanksgiving “never frozen” turkeys has been one of my favorite deals for years.

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