Countdown to Turkey Day November 2, 2009

Heather says:

CenterpieceToday there are two things to do. First, if you’re hosting it’s time to decide: who, when, and where. Even if you have family obligations on Thanksgiving itself, many people would enjoy a gathering on the following Saturday or Sunday. Sit down with pen and paper and decide where and what time dinner will be served. Create a tentative guest list that notes any allergies or dietary restrictions. It’s easier to plan around a gluten or nut allergy than it is to rework a menu.

Your second to-do? Find the dining room table. Hey, don’t look guilty, we all do it from time to time. Horizontal surfaces are a magnet for paperwork and odds and ends. Clear it off today. Give it a good polish. If you have placed any leaves or extensions in storage, pull them out and check for spiders or other friends. If it doesn’t cause problems go ahead and install them. Otherwise, place them in a convenient location -write it down-.


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  2. Becca on November 2, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Your organization inspires me, truly! I'm still busy picking candy wrappers up off the floor and out of the sofa cushions. THAT is my project for the week, I suppose. In my defense, though, I have taken down the Spooky decor outside and replaced it with the Harvest decor for Turkey Day.

    I love Thanksgiving and cannot wait to see what goodies Home-Ec101 puts on display for us all…..those Candy Corn centerpieces in the photo are, truly, wonderful little works of art. How crafty!! I am determined to participate in at least one fearless Friday this month….going to do a test run for a new Thanksgiving dish this year!

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