Countdown to Turkey Day 2012: Two Days to Go!

Heather says:

Tick. Tock. Your time is running out. However, you’ve been following along with this year’s Countdown to Turkey Day and aren’t stressing, right?

  • Grab your Thanksgiving Shopping List and buy your produce and other perishables.
  • If you went the fresh route, pick up your turkey.
  • Before you head to the grocery store -you don’t want to go tomorrow, trust me- do the second half of that Great Thanksgiving Pantry Double Check
  • If your turkey is thawing, take a moment to get rid of the condensation that may be pooling under your thawing turkey. (You don’t have your turkey sitting on a shelf where it can drip its icky goo on your produce do you?) Your turkey should be in the lowest possible portion of your refrigerator. I generally take out the meat drawer to make for my Thanksgiving turkey.
    You don’t want to have your turkey resting in a bacterial swimming pool.
  • If your turkey is still in the deep freeze, pull it out, right now -do not pass go- and put it in the refrigerator. Give it as much of a head start on a water bath thaw as possible. ┬áIf you need tips, check out: How to Quickly Thaw a Turkey in a Water Bath.
  • Take some time today and get the house as close to company ready as possible.
  • Find your meat thermometer, roasting pan, the blades for the food processor, and any other kitchen gadgets that don’t often see the light of day.

Don’t worry, it looks like more than it is. Finally take a moment and confirm that you have enough servingware, silverware, plates, etc for your guests.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

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