Countdown to Turkey Day 2009: The Sunday Before

Heather says:

Tonight we’re checking the inventory. Do you have:

  • Guest count + seating + place settings / paperware / utensils + glasses for everyone
  • Menu + recipes + the appropriate number of serving dishes & serving utensils
  • Shopping list / inventory of staples (double check everything you think you have on hand)
  • Timetable – have you figured out what needs to be cooked when

Now the big question. How does your place look? Is it almost company ready or are you going to turn into a raving lunatic drill sergeant on Wednesday evening (or worse Thursday morning)? Oh and by company ready, I don’t mean spotless, I mean is there anything that would make people worry about your ability to cook safely.

Tomorrow if I have my computer back I’ll be getting the last few recipes up. Here’s hoping I can get to it in time.


  1. julie on November 23, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    don't do a big family dinner anymore-it was so stressful to have to get up-rush to get everyone dressed and ready and be at grandma's house for dinner that it just wasn't fun for us anymore-so now I go out and see her a few days before/after thanksgiving and have a nice quiet thanksgiving with my hubby,our son and sometimes hubby's dad (if he doesn't go out of town to see his family)…much more happier and enjoyable….do that for christmas too….

  2. Milehimama on November 23, 2009 at 5:52 am

    Well. Perhaps this belongs in the Sunday confessional but… the house was looking good on Saturday for my daughter's birthday party. Then, I remembered we need to put cushions on the chairs that go to our school table so we dragged them in to get upholstered. (Seats only, thankfully). And it rained so the kids and all their friends were inside. Then husband sat on the couch and broke it. So the living room is a construction zone of clamps and glue and screws while he tries to fix it. Did I mention there well be 22 people here for Thanksgiving – in 4 days? Aiiieee!

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