Recipes at are family favorites. The recipes are not always the most traditional version as, unless otherwise noted, they have been customized to meet the needs of a beginner to intermediate home cook. 


Southern Fried Chicken

By Heather Solos | September 11, 2009

Click to skip the narrative and get to the recipe. Heather says: Fried chicken doesn’t sound fearless, does it? You must remember, Home Eccers, that I live in a part of the country where grown men will fight over whose Meemaw had the best recipe for any number of meals. For that reason, I have…

Pulled Pork

By Heather Solos | January 14, 2009

Heather says: From time to time I get emails asking about different cuts of meat: what are they, where do they come from, and how on earth should I cook it? Since we don’t exactly have a huge production budget (it’s my weekly grocery budget after all), these questions are often deferred until the cut…

Pseudo Shepherds Pie Recipe

By Heather Solos | December 10, 2007

Heather says: Traditional Shepherd’s pie contains lamb, gravy, and vegetables, covered with mashed potatoes. Its close cousin cottage pie contains beef. This version substitutes vegetable stock for the broth used to make the gravy and contains kidney beans to provide protein. As the mashed potatoes contain milk and are topped with cheese, this one dish*…

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

By Heather Solos | October 23, 2011

Heather says: My inner twelve-year-old is having a field day as I try to describe this spaghetti sauce without sounding like a pervert. In fact, I give completely up, snicker away, it’s a thick and meaty sauce that is perfect over spaghetti noodles or sauteed vegetables for the gluten free and low carb crowd. Personally,…

Tomato Soup: Saving Summer’s Bounty

By Heather Solos | June 25, 2009

Heather says: I can proudly say I did not have to cook this soup. My stepdaughter said she was in the mood for tomato soup and grilled cheese. So she started Googling. Together (notice I learned my lesson) we picked out and modified a recipe. Here’s what we came up with. This soup begs for…

Jambalaya Recipe

By Heather Solos | March 28, 2007

Dear Home Ec 101: Please, please, please post a recipe for turkey jambalaya. I promise to try this whole menu planning thing if I have a recipe for turkey jambalaya. ~Swaying in Sweetwater Heather says: Since you said please, I’ll indulge you. I have a basic recipe that I tweak depending on what meat I…

No Tomato Chili Recipe

Sue Polinsky’s No Tomato Chili Recipe

By Heather Solos | December 22, 2011

Heather says: When it comes to chili, I’m not picky, really. There have been very few chili recipes I’ve met that I haven’t enjoyed. That said, I know how some of you feel about chili, there are those who feel it isn’t chili if it contains: [insert ingredient here]. I’m just happy when you share…

How to Fry an Egg

By Heather Solos | June 27, 2014

Heather says: Today we’re covering fried eggs -as new projects to procrastinate develop- I’ll also address: scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas, quiche, and my as yet unnamed hybrid of the three techniques that feeds my family on a busy evening when I have no interest in effort.     So what is a fried egg? Well…

Beef Pepper Steak

By Heather Solos | December 20, 2007

Heather says: Beef pepper steak is a great meal that can be prepared in about the same amount of time it takes to make rice. It’s also flexible enough to play with. Use different colored bell peppers for variety and if you’d like, toss in extras like: bean sprouts, snow peas, or mushrooms. This meal…

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  1. DarcyShaw1 on December 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Made the Beef Stew and the Beef Shoulder Roast with extra lemon and spices last weekend. Guaranteed to be a delicacy. 😛

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