Recipes at are family favorites. The recipes are not always the most traditional version as, unless otherwise noted, they have been customized to meet the needs of a beginner to intermediate home cook. 


Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan Recipe

By Heather Solos | March 9, 2007

Dear Home-ec 101: That’s it, I’m done! As of today we’re going to start eating at home. Well, if I can learn to cook. I need Hamburger Helper easy. What do you suggest? Hungry in Hartford Heather says: You won’t be hungry for long. The best part is, a lot of the simplest recipes are…

Lasagna: The Company Dinner

By Heather Solos | November 19, 2014

The hearty sauce for this lasagna recipe is made from scratch and provides enough for a very large pan of lasagna. However, if you’re going to go the trouble of preparing a pan of lasagna, double the recipe and freeze one to bake at a later date. Also, don’t get overwhelmed looking at the ingredient…


By Heather Solos | April 9, 2007

Heather says: This recipe is quick and so simple the kids can help. If they can roll a playdough ball, they can make a meatball. I tend to make this in large batches so I can freeze leftovers for future meals of calzones, subs, or even more spaghetti. If you have a vacuum sealer, from…

This recipe is based on the loaded potato soup served by Bennigan's. It is comfort food in a bowl.

Baked Potato Soup Recipe

By Heather Solos | November 4, 2008

Heather says, Ever since I worked at Bennigans, I have adored potato soup. I am fairly certain if it weren’t for snitched rolls and ramekins of baked potato soup I would have wasted away in my late teens. I was sad to see the company recently declare bankruptcy, but take heart the potato soup lives…

Simple Autumn Skillet

By Heather Solos | October 12, 2011

Heather says: This autumn skillet recipe is a simple framework, feel free to use your imagination and modify it however you see fit. This recipe is great for a new cook who wants to become comfortable with the art of substitution. Don’t like squash, try peeled and cubed sweet potatoes, toss in some apple slices. Turnips…

Broccoli Cheese Frittata

Broccoli Cheddar Frittata

By Heather Solos | August 29, 2011

Heather says: We consume a lot of eggs in our household, currently consisting of three adults and three children. Seriously, you can’t beat egg dishes for protein content, budget consciousness, and speed of preparation. Right now we’re hot and heavy into football season which means that breakfast (and really the entire day) is all about…

Spinach Salad with Pecans, Dried Cranberries, Feta

By Heather Solos | January 6, 2010

Heather says: Vegetarians rejoice, there’s no bacon in this wilted spinach salad. Also, this is more of a wilted spinach salad template than a recipe. If you don’t like feta, use a crumbly cheese you do like. If you hate pecans, but love walnuts, great! Use those. If there are no bunches of spinach at…

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  1. DarcyShaw1 on December 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Made the Beef Stew and the Beef Shoulder Roast with extra lemon and spices last weekend. Guaranteed to be a delicacy. 😛

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