Organize It

Organizational Sunday Week #1

coat closet organization

Heather says: This week you’ll need to repurpose or buy two containers, the type of containers will depend on two things, your budget and space. Personally I like Rubbermaid style totes, if you have the room they will work for most of our projects and you can find them at any big box store. One…

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Inside The Car | Weekly Organizational Challenge #26

Clean out inside the car for this week's easy organization challenge

Heather says: Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? Last week we organized the outdoor toys and made sure we had everything needed for outdoor fun. This week it’s time to clean out inside the car. If you don’t have a vehicle, revisit a challenge you may have missed from earlier in the year.  If…

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Organizational Sunday Week #25 – Outdoor Toys

School is out and it's time to play outside. Time to organize the outdoor toys and gear.

Heather says: In most of the country, school is out or soon will be out for the summer. Unlike January where everyone is adding layers, mittens, and coats, now we’re applying sunscreen and bug spray.  Today’s mission: Find a place for all of your: “We’re heading into the great outdoors” necessities. Your kids think the…

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Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #21

Heather says: This week, we’re heading right back into the bathroom. This time, instead of focusing on the vanity, we’ll be focusing on hair and body products. Are all of the open shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc. in active use? If you don’t like the one that you’ve opened, and it’s just hanging out in the…

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Organizational Sunday Week 20

Heather says Today we’re going to the bathroom. Okay, well, umm, I hope that is something that happens every day or that you and your gastroenterologist have had long, heartfelt conversations and are comfortable with things.  Today when you enter your bathroom you are going to take a long, hard look at your vanity. When…

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Organizational Sunday Week #19

Heather says This week’s challenge will be done mostly online unless you don’t use online banking. In that case, you’ll need to grab your bank statement. Look through your last few statements and look for recurring items.  Do you belong to a gym you don’t visit? Find out their cancellation protocol and follow through. If…

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Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #18

Heather says, The effort involved in this week’s challenge will depend on your pack rat tendencies. This week’s goal is to get rid of excess magazines and books that no, you are not going to read.  The Friends of the Library is a great place to donate old books and quality magazines, like National Geographic. Check with…

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Organizational Sunday Challenge #16: The Menu Plan

Heather says: Recently we worked through organizing the kitchen (see Challenges 6 – 10) if you want to play catch-up. Today we’re going to combine the kitchen organization with our last couple of weeks of financial focus. I want to be very, very clear. I absolutely know that little tips like not buying convenience items…

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Organizational Challenge Sunday Week #15

Heather says This week is a continuation of last week’s theme, getting your finances in order. Last week we took stock of our finances, making sure money is allocated to the right places. Having the money to pay your bills is just the first step, the next is making sure they actually get paid.  This…

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