Clean It

How to have a shiny sink

Dear Home Ec 101, How in the world do you get your sink to stay so shiny? Signed, Im in ur house, lookin @ ur sink Ivy says: Get out of my house. Seriously, you’re creeping me out. But while we’re here, I’ll go ahead and share my secrets to a super shiny sink. First,…

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How to Clean a Dirty Bathtub

Dear Home- Ec 101, My bathtub is so funky, it makes James Brown look stodgy. Especially since he’s dead. But I digress. The yuck in my tub is so nasty, I’m afraid to take a shower, and my co-workers are starting to complain. Help me, Luke Skywalker Home-Ec 101, you’re my only hope! Signed, Princess…

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How to Clean

Dear Home-Ec 101, My house is a wreck. I’m scared to open the fridge, I swear something growled at me the last time I grabbed a soda. I think a dust bunny ate the baby. Help Me! Signed, Don’t Know Where to Start. Heather Says: I begin with the kitchen sink, it’s a small area…

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