Clean It

Well That Wasn’t Fun

Heather says Hi, it’s been a couple weeks, hasn’t it? Things started off with the best of intentions, but then my youngest decided to play Typhoid Mary (only she was sick, too) with a fun thing called Rotavirus. Parents of very young children probably know this term and are cringing. I took the kids to…

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How Long Will it Take to Clean My House?

Dear Home Ec 101, How long will it take to clean my house? Signed, Curious in Corpus Christi Heather says: Well Curious, what is your favorite color? Blue? Ok. I’ve plugged that variable into the top secret Home-Ec 101 House Cleaning Algorithm and I’ve determined it will take you exactly 18.36 hours to thoroughly clean your house. Oh.…

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Taken for Granted

Dear Home-Ec 101, I just found your site and love it! So I thought I would ask about something I need advice on. I have 12 year old twins,  a 14 year old son, and a 16 year old daughter. My house is in a constant mess and I’m the only one who cleans at…

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